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SMF Water Reducer

CheVTM SMF is a free-flowing spray dried powder of sulfonate melamine resin polymer. Due to the larger superficial area, the flow-ability of dry powder is very excellent. It is not easily moistened and has a good effect of dispersing.

It has a great adaptability to cementing material. It can be used for the making of gypsum products, refractory materials, oil well fixing concrete and special types of concrete.

It is well compatible with other types of plasticizer. It can be utilized to adjust the comprehensive functions of other plasticizers.

It can also be used as the main component of waterproof materials to improve the permeability of concrete and mortar.It can also be used as a part of concrete components, together with materials like UEA, to compound self-waterproof concrete.

It is used to compound intense concrete, liquid concrete,steamed concrete, polymer concrete,intense mortar and intense base grouting materials.


Physical and Chemical Analysis

Appearance:                                               Grey to whitish free-lowing powder

Color:                                                          white

Dry Loss,%:                                                Max.5

Cl Content,%:                                             Max.0.5

Ph(50% aqueous solution,20℃):               7-9

Safety:                                                         Non-toxic,Non-dangerous

Dosage recommendation,weight,%:            0.5-1.2



Ø Machinery Grouts

Ø Self-leveling underlayment

Ø Repair mortars

Ø Tile adhesives and joint fillers

Ø Plasters


Package and storage

20KG or 25KG per square bottom valve paper bag.

Store it in a cool, dry place below 30℃.

Please use it within 2years since its production date