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Polypropylene (PP) Fiber

CheV Polypropylene Fiber(abbr.CheV PP Fiber) is a kind of high intensity bunchy monofilament fiber mainly made of polypropylene by special technique,which could effectively prevent concrete or mortar microcrack, as well as improve concrete or mortar performance of anti-crack,anti-infiltration, anti-concussion and anti- shock.



Identical Diameter


Standard Cut Length

3mm, 6mm, 12mm,15mm, 18mm

Tensile Strength

≥500 MPa

Elastic Modulus

≥3500 MPa

Specific Gravity

0.91-0.93 g/cm3

Initial Moisture Content


Note: the lengths may be available upon request.



*  Anti-crack function

PP Fiber distributes in the concrete in 3D, which reduces stress concentration of the microcrack point, weakens or removes the tension caused by sun crack of the concrete or mortar, further prevents the happening and development of microcrack.

*  Improve anti-infiltration performance

The evenly distributed fiber monofilament forms a support system, and prevents surface bleeding and aggregate falling, decreases the bleeding and bleeding of concrete, lessens the hole rate greatly, consequently prevents infiltration of concrete obviously.

*  Improve anti-freezing and thawing

PP Fiber could effectively decrease anti-compression stress concentration in the concrete caused by several times’ circulation of freezing and thawing, and prevents the further extending of the microcrack.

*  Improve toughness and anti-shock

PP Fiber could help to absorb the kinetic energy, which is produced when component of concrete is shocked. Due to the anti-crack effect of fiber, when concrete is shocked, fiber could prevent rapid extending of the inner crack, consequently increase the toughness and anti-shock of concrete.

*  Improve durability

The reduction of inner hole rate can slow down the infiltration and corrosion from water, the chemical substance, the salt of Cl as well as other outside factors, then reduces damages to concrete, thereby improves durability of concrete.

*  Improve fire resistance

When the temperature in concrete raises above 165℃, the PP fiber monofilament mesh will melt, simultaneously produces inner link channels to help the high pressure steam escape from the concrete, consequently could prevent bursting in fire.



Putting PP Fiber into concrete or mortar, could effectively prevent temperature change, and microcrack which is caused by plastic and dry shrinkage. They are widely used in roads, bridges, underground waterproof projects and roofing, walls, pools, basements of civil construction industrial.

20KG per woven bag or carton(including 20small plastic bags), 9tons per 20feet container.

Keep it in a dry and cool place.

More info. about CheV PP fiber,please contact sales@chemixsc.com