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Powder defoamer

Powder defoamer(DFP)  is a compound made from Polyether modified polysiloxane for construction mortar and concrete 



Typical Properties


Appearance:                           whitish powder

Solubility:                                soluble in water

PH in 1% water solution:          6~8

Solubility in water:                  hydrophobic product, dispersible in water


Recommended Applications


Cement, Self-leveling screeds, cement dry mortar, Gypsum board etc.




This product is always used together with some other powder additives into dry mortar, cement or concrete products. It improves the 

strength through preventing excessive shrinkage, porosity and other disadvantage via eliminating or stopping the bubble in pumping,


It is compatible easily with other additives such as cellulose ether, polymer.

Besides the above properties,DFP has long restraining bubble time, fast elimination, good stability.




After mixing uniformly with the dry powder in the formula, add the water into the dry mortar. The average dosage range is from 0.1% to 0.5%.

The actual dosage depends on the specific formula.


Packing and storage


1.25KG per paper bag with PE-liner.

2.Keep it in cool and dry place, away from strong acids or weak alkali or toxic substances.

3.Subject to the appropriate storage under 100℃,the shelf life is 2years.



More info. about DFP ,please contact sales@chemixsc.com