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Ethyl Cellulose

EC in Ink


EC is used as binder in flexographic and gravure inks to improve toughness and flexibility of the ink film, 

resulting in better folding resistance. It also improve printability on difficult substrates and contribute to the formation of tough, 

pinhole-free films even at low coating thickness. It show good compatibility with most of the resins and pigments used in 

these inks and show excellent solubility in common solvents such as toluene, ethyl acetate, and ethanol.


Recommended Grade:

Rotogravure and flexo packaging inks: N/T 4, N/T7,E/T 10,N/T 20

Screen printing paste ink: N/T 45,N/T 100,N/T 200,N/T 300

Low-solids coatings: N/T 100,N/T 200,N/T30

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