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Ethyl Cellulose

CheSilo EC in Food Contact and Pharmacy.


EC in Food contact.


EC is odorless, tasteless, and film-forming and are therefore used in food applications such as flavor encapsulation, inks for marking fruits 

and vegetables, and as a component of paper and paperboard packaging in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.

Recommended Grade: N10,N20,N100


EC in Pharmacy




Ethyl cellulose produces durable tablet coatings that offer good adhesion and function to control the rate at which the ingested medication is released. Typically, the tablet is spray-coated from a solvent system.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers also treat products with an EC-based aqueous polymer dispersion that is spray-coated onto the tablets, 

thus avoiding solvent systems that are sometimes undesirable. In either case, the coating masks

bitter tastes and improves stability.

Recommended Grade: N7,N10,N20



Ethylcellulose has long been used as a binder and filler in tablets of vitamin, mineral, and prescription drugs for both humans and animals.

It helps produce a stable, attractive tablet without significantly affecting the dissolution rate.

Recommended Grade: N7,N10,N100




Microencapsulation of drug particles with N-grade ethyl- cellulose offers pharmaceutical manufacturers 

another means of controlling solubility rates.

Recommended Grade: N45,N100 

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