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Calcium Formate
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Redispersible emulsion powder

Building and Coating

CheV Redispersible emulsion powder(abbr.CheV RDP) is a copolymer powder of vinyl acetate and ethylene for improving mortar. It is always combined with cellulose ether and other additives to improve th...

Starch ether

Building and Coating

CheV Hydroxypropyl starch ether (abbr.CheV HPS) is nonionic and has high stability of substituting ether bond. It is a kind of chemical modified starch ether, which is mainly used as thickener and te...

Powder defoamer

Building and Coating

Powder Defoamer is a powder anti-foaming agent from Polyether modified polysiloxane for construction mortar and concrete products.

Calcium Formate

Building and Coating

CheV Calcium Formate is a white crystalline powder, bitter and non-toxic, with slight moisture absorption. It can be dissolved with water. It can be used as quick solidification agent, lubricant agent...

Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

CAS NO.63148-57-2 Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid is nontoxic and insipid.Due to its weather-ability and hydrophobic characteristics, It can be converted into film and used to produce a resilient wat...

Diffusion Pump Fluid

Diffusion Pump Fluid is a kind of silicone fluid for high to ultra-high vacuum and for fast pumping of large volumes of gas or vapor in production operations. The two grade 274,275 are the alternative...